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Mr. Mills has been a member of the Florida Bar since May, 1984, and is admitted in all state courts in Florida and the United State District Court, Middle District of Florida, and the United States Court of Appeals, 11th Circuit.

Mr. Mills has been in private practice since May, 1992.  He is a Registry Attorney for the Florida Legislature Commission on Capital cases and criminal conflict counsel in the Fifth, Ninth and Eighteenth Judicial Circuits in Florida.  He is qualified by Florida Supreme Court standards to represent defendants in death penalty cases.  Mr. Mills recently successfully argued before the Florida Supreme Court that the Florida Death Penalty scheme was unconstitutional. He has been legal advisor to several major law enforcement agencies throughout Central Florida, a special assistant state attorney, and an assistant state attorney in Orange County, Florida.  Mr. Mills was a visiting lecturer at the University of Louisville Southern Police Institute in the fields of homicide investigation and property crimes.

Mr. Mills has represented clients in hundreds of criminal  cases ranging from second degree misdemeanors to capital murder.  These cases include prostitution, fraud, conspiracy,  racketeering, theft, burglary, manslaughter, sexual battery, murder where the State sought the death penalty, computer and cyber crimes including wire fraud, pornography of all types,  and all types of drug offenses as well as violations of probation and community control.

Mr. Mills has represented clients in all matters of family law including divorce, child support, visitation, modifications of child support and associated matters, and non-payment of child support.  Mr. Mills represented the State of Florida, Department of Revenue for approximately 8 years handling child support original actions, modifications, and enforcement actions for non-payment of child support.